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I’m not sure many of us would describe this past year as having been fun or easy.  On initial reflection, it may not seem there is much to be thankful for this past year.  Personally, Steve and I have gone through changes I certainly never expected.  But when I look back over the past eleven or so months, I am actually thankful for the challenges and obstacles we have encountered and continue to face.  

There are so many moral platitudes; when life hands you lemons, what doesn’t kill you or when the tough get going, it reminds me life has never been about fun or easy.  It also makes me stop and take things into perspective.  In truth, the tough times Steve and I have encountered this past year are fairly insignificant compared to what others go through and for that, I’m very thankful.  

Obviously, Steve and I are thankful for our families, our neighbors, friends and for the privilege of living in not only the Great State of Texas but also for being an American.  So, while I acknowledge our country is not perfect, it is in my mind the best country in the world.  I’m most certainly thankful we have been able to maintain good health and I count my many blessings.  These are the people and possessions Steve and I should be thankful for on a daily basis although admittedly, I know we sometimes take our blessings for granted. 

But this year, there are extra and unexpected reasons to be thankful.  While we didn’t know it would come so soon, Steve and I did believe an eventual downturn in the oil industry was likely.  I’m thankful Steve had started preparations for purchasing a business and I’m equally thankful to Kim at A2B Franchise Consulting for walking us through the process and putting us into contact with Property Management Inc. (PMI). 

I won’t lie and say this has been an easy transition and there are days when it certainly is not fun; however, I’m thankful Steve started PMI Bluebonnet Realty.  One of the best and worst things about Steve’s and my relationship is that we are so opposite of each other in personalities and while we more often than not balance each other, those rare instances of “not” can lead to some pretty loud “discussions.”  And yet I’m am forever thankful to Steve for including me on his POA/HOA/COA management adventure.  

We are thankful for all the people who have recently entered our lives along the way, to include the PMI support team in Utah and the other franchise owners both veterans and newbies who share information, advice, and encouragement.  Steve and I are thankful for our Executive Director, Blake and always for our coach, mentor and guardian angel, Brianna.  

 There are some amazing people out there I never would have met if it hadn’t been for starting PMI Bluebonnet Realty. We are especially thankful to the vendors, real estate agents and other professionals who have taken time to meet with us, talk with us, and even take our business cards. Not everyone has been as generous with their time, so when someone does actually stop and engage, it is especially appreciated. Thank you.  

We are so very thankful for our neighbors and friends who support us, provide photos for our website, who “like” our Facebook page, read our blog, let us practice our sales presentation on them and spread the word about a new type of HOA management company in town by the name of PMI Bluebonnet Realty. Each of you have impacted our lives in a positive way and your friendship is invaluable, so thank you.  

 I’m thankful God gave us a challenge to work through. Without tough times it would be difficult to recognize progress and success.  And I’m very thankful I still have ability and energy to learn. With almost every passing day, Steve and I learn something new. Somedays it is a small thing; other days we learn something from a mistake we made. Honestly, somedays I learn things I already knew but forgot. Regardless, we are learning, and we are most surely progressing, and I am thankful for the opportunities we have been given.

 Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for continued chaos in our daily lives but I do want to acknowledge the strength and potential each of us have inside ourselves that we might not have recognized without the challenges we are all facing this year. So, this year, maybe more so than ever, I’m aware of our blessings and I’m thankful for the unplanned opportunities we have been given.  

On behalf of PMI Bluebonnet Realty, Steven and I would like to thank each of you who play a role in our journey and we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.