What Are the Different Types of HOA Meetings?

What Are the Different Types of HOA Meetings?

Are you enjoying life in your Spring Branch neighborhood but have been avoiding your HOA meetings?

HOAs are a great way to get involved within your community. HOAs play a key role in maintaining community standards, raising property values, and handling disputes.

But what are the different types of HOA meetings? Which are the ones you may want to consider regularly attending?

Here's what you should know about HOA meetings:

Board Meetings

HOA board meetings are exclusive meetings for the executive team. This is when an elected group makes the big decisions for the HOA.

However, general members can also attend these meetings. The secretary takes HOA meeting minutes, which get distributed to the members. Generally, these meetings take place once every 30 days.

These meetings are usually to discuss the HOA budget, major disputes, and emergency issues. Board members are also actively involved in improving property values within the community.

Executive Meetings

These are board meetings that are restricted to executive members. This is often when the executive members will discuss sensitive matters such as disputes.

Often, these minutes are kept confidential. They might discuss matters pertaining to some members that shouldn't be shared with all members for privacy reasons.

They can also discuss internal issues and conflicts among the members. This is the most important meeting for discussing sensitive matters.

Annual Meetings

Annual meetings are the main meeting for all members. You'll usually get a 30-day reminder notice for the meeting.

At this event, the board will share the annual budget. They'll also discuss upcoming projects, elect new board members, and celebrate achievements. If you want to get involved in the community, try not to miss this meeting!

If you're new to your neighborhood, this is a great way to introduce yourself. You'll meet your neighbors and learn about the opportunities available within the HOA.

Committee Meetings

These are the meetings for various committees within the HOA. Each committee can decide how often they wish to meet. Often, these are held separately from the board.

However, at times, a board member or association manager might be present to supervise. These meetings present a great opportunity to discuss any subject, from event planning to property management.

Emergency and Special Meetings

These meetings are focused on discussing any topic that's not within the usual scope. For example, if there is an impending natural disaster, an emergency meeting might happen.

Special meetings can occur if a board member needs to step down. A quick emergency election will occur to replace the board member.

Attend HOA Meetings

Now you know about HOA meetings and how they benefit the community.

Board meetings to discuss pressing issues for the HOA. There are also executive meetings, which are confidential. Annual meetings are perfect for meeting other members and learning about opportunities.

You can join a committee and attend meetings to work on corresponding projects. Be prepared for the occasional emergency or special meeting as well.

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